XLRI Jamshedpur
28th January, 2018

The Conclave

One Day of Powerful Talks
28th January 2018
09:00 am

Social entrepreneurship, which aims at development and implementation of innovative ideas in order to improve the social, cultural or environmental landscape, is the need of the hour. The twofold aim of sustainability and societal impact can be achieved through synergistic execution, for which open communication and sharing of ideas is critical.

Social entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for constructive social engagement and working to solve some of the critical problems of the society in a sustainable manner. As a fast-emerging field, it is also attracting young educated talent, who have leveraged the possibilities in the sector and have created successful and impactful ventures to make a difference in the lives of others. This conclave aims to bring some such social entrepreneurs on a common platform to learn from their experience.

Correspondingly, the theme of the 1st Social Entrepreneurship Conclave was,

Infinite Possibilities

The sub-themes were as follows:

1. On becoming a social entrepreneur

2. Mobilising support and resources

3. Challenges in creating a market


Many inspirational speakers from across the country participated in SEC 1

On Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Mobilising Support and Resources

Challenges in Creating a Market

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