“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation.jpg

SIGMA-oikos organises Blood-donation camps at XLRI in association with the Red Cross Society of Jamshedpur, the Government Hospital of Jamshedpur and HDFC. The blood donated by the students at these camps goes to the Cancer Patients’ Hospital or the Government Hospital, where people of extremely modest means go for treatment. 


Health Camp

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They are conducted for women and children of nearby villages in association with Jharkhand HRD centre and also on campus for employees, staff, students, workers and family members of faculty. 


Stem Cell Donation

Stem cell donation.png

Students of XLRI enrolled themselves in the DATRI stem cell donation database with the noble idea of saving lives in the future in case of any potential need of donation.


Eye Check Up Camps

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SIGMA-oikos conducts free eye check-up camps for the students, working staff and faculty of XLRI.


Sanitary Pad Awareness Drive


Awareness drives are conducted for women employees, workers and staff on campus to spread awareness about basic hygiene methods.