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Jagan Shah

Director | National Institute of Urban Affairs

Jagan Shah is the Director of The National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi. He is a Urban Development Thought Leader with over two decades of experience in change-agency and leadership to accelerate institutional building. Jagan Shah is a strategic urban planning expert with deep experience in analyzing political situations and global scenarios to design and formulate creative institutional responses and programs for leveraging growth.He has experience in facilitating dialogue on urban planning and governance issues between and with governments, city leaders, donors, civil society and private sector to influence policy and action. He is revered for his Advanced Technical Competencies in:


  • Urban Policy

  • Smart Cities

  • Urban e-Governance

  • Sustainable Development

Sourav Roy

Chief of CSR | Tata Steel

Sourav Roy is the CSR Head at Tata Steel. Prior to that, Sourav has worked with the Sustainability Department at Tata Steel working in multiple regions in Uttarakhand, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh as well as Nepal. Sourav is an Economics Graduate from Delhi University. He then went on to do an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 2007. He also completed his MA in Law from Bengaluru Law College.  Under Sourav’s guidance, Tata Steel has bagged a lot of awards, one of them being the prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award for its breakthrough educational initiative in Camp School at Noamundi during the CSR Leadership Summit held at New Delhi on April 27, 2018

Poornima Dore

Head | Data Driven Governance

Poornima Dore is an Economist and TAS management professional with deep experience in corporate and development finance across sectors. She is part of the TAS program from the Tata Group which is the group's flagship leadership program. She currently heads Data Driven Governance at the Tata Trusts. Prior to this she has led the Urban Poverty and Livelihood Portfolio, while also supporting the Program Director and Managing Trustee on special institutional projects. She has been part of the start-up team at Tata Capital Ltd, setting up the initial systems for business planning especially with the Commercial Finance and Infrastructure Finance businesses. She headed the Structured Investments portfolio, anchoring some landmark equity and mezzanine debt investments. 

In parallel, she has a PhD. in Economics from IIT Bombay with an interest in regional growth, development of cities and the access to skills, employment and finance. A Gold Medallist from XLRI Jamshedpur, Poornima has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics (honours)and is a Principal's Award holder from Lady Shri Ram College.

Sophie Charrois

Vice President | Oikos International

She is an open-minded change maker who recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion and textile management from Reutlingen University. She’s worked for sustainability in the denim industry working with Levi Strauss and Co.


Currently, she’s working with Oikos International, been associated for more than an year. In September 2017, she joined the LEAP Program which inspires young leaders to become more responsible in their decision making and equips them with insights, knowledge and tools to do so.

In October 2018, she became the Vice-President of Oikos International overlooking about 50 local
sub-groups.She’s also a culture and arts enthusiast, sparking positivity and a global mindset.

Krishnavatar Sharma

Co Founder | Aajeevika Bureau

Krishnavatar Sharma is the co-founder and Director (Programmes) of Aajeevika Bureau - a widely recognized public service initiative to provide services and support to millions of vulnerable migrant workers. Under his leadership, the Udaipur based Aajeevika Bureau has developed unique solutions in providing identity, skill training, legal aid, financial services and health care to migrant communities. Krishna holds a degree in law and has over three decades of experience in leading rural development and urban inclusion programmes.


He currently oversees both the source and destination teams of Aajeevika Bureau: at source, he helps teams to develop programmes to support migrants make informed decisions, and he works with the destination team to shape a long-term response for dignified inclusion of migrant workers in urban labour markets. Krishna is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He won the India Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2010.

Pritha Dutt

Director | Empower Pragati

Director and co-founder of Empower Foundation, Pritha heads the Operations, Innovation and Public Relationship functions for the organization. She is also a Director at Empower Pragati, a social enterprise working to provide employment linked vocational skill training. 

She has served on the Board of Sampradan ( Indian Centre for Philanthropy) and the Delhi Chapter of the National HRD Network where she was instrumental in setting up ‘Beyond Business’ an initiative under the HRD Network to provide capacity building support to NGO’s by linking members and corporate employees to volunteer time and share expertise. She was also awarded the Chevening Scholarship for Best Young Manager (1998). She has also worked extensively in both the corporate and social sectors and has held leadership positions in organizations such as Bharti Airtel, Oberoi Hotels, ICI Paints, Airtel, and Feedback Ventures. Moreover, she has been a visiting faculty with IMT, Ghaziabad for several years , with IIM Bangalore & IIM Vizag for a term and with MDI Gurgaon on on-going basis.

Anita Ahuja

Founder | Conserve India

Anita is a writer, an artist and a designer but her most notable work has been as a social entrepreneur. She founded Conserve India, a NGO aimed towards sustainability in 1997. Since the last 20 years, under her leadership, Conserve has worked in the promotion of energy efficiency, waste management, upcycling, skill-training and food security. She has won many accolades in this time- “Best Green Designer, Qatar, 2010”, “Ashoka fellowship, 2008”, “Letter of Commendation from Clinton Global Initiative, 2011”, have been some of her most notable achievements.

Though her biggest achievement has been the innovation of “Handmade recycled plastic” (HRP), a means to upcycled low density polythene into a high-fashion material. She along with her husband, our joint patent holders for the material. Anita’s invention has led to developing HRP products which are now exported globally resulting in upcycling of over 5000 tonnes of plastic waste.

Nalini Shekhar

Co - Founder | Harisu Dala

Nalini is a co–founder of Hasiru Dala, the waste pickers’ non-profit organization in Bangalore. Previously she was a co-founder of Kagad, Kach Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), the union of waste pickers in Pune and Co-ordinator of the national Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers. Nalini is a pioneer in advocating for wastepicker rights. She has trained hundreds of waste pickers, municipal officials and elected representatives on zero waste practices and integration of informal workers in solid waste management.


Nalini lived in the US for a decade working on human trafficking and child labour issues. Her work resulted in policy changes and the passing of legislation to support victims of human trafficking. Nalini has won many awards including an Honor by the San Jose City Government, a certificate of Honor from Governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Star award from Asian Community in the San Francisco Bay Area, a finalist at the Numma Bengalurur award and Bangalore city’s Kempe Gowda award 2014

Odette Katrak

Co - Founder | Beautiful Bengaluru

She is a gold-medalist from XLRI with 25+ years industry/training experience. She has been called ‘one of Gurgaon’s most celebrated women’. She was additionally involved in initiatives focused on spreading good citizenship behavior, be it initiatives to curb littering/spitting/ honking and most of all, influencing traffic discipline towards the cause of improved road safety in coordination with Gurgaon Traffic Police as Road Safety Officer. 


Today, Beautiful Bengaluru holds a contest, ‘Treasures from the Trash’ every year, to spread awareness about recycling of waste and its volunteers speak to over seven lakh people at the annual Lalbagh flower show about the city’s environmental concerns.  She has also won awards/recognition for her efforts on road/women & child safety. As a part-time academician, she has taught Leadership & Organizational Behavior to MBA students at the International School of Business & Media in Gurgaon

Shubhendu Sharma

Founder | Afforestt

Industrial engineer Shubhendu Sharma was working at Toyota in India when he met Japanese forest expert Akira Miyawaki, who'd arrived to plant a forest at the factory, using a methodology he'd developed to make a forest grow ten times faster that normal. Fascinated, Sharma interned with Miyawaki, and grew his first successful forest on a small plot behind a house.


Today, his company Afforestt promotes a standardized method for seeding dense, fast-growing, native forests in barren lands, using his car-manufacturing acumen to create a system allowing a multilayer forest of 300 trees to grow on an area as small as the parking spaces of six cars -- for less than the price of an iPhone. Afforestt has helped grow forests at homes, schools and factories. Sharma seen improvement in air quality, an increase in biodiversity -- and the forests even generate fresh fruit. Afforestt is at work on a platform that will offer hardware probes to analyze soil quality, allowing the company to offer step-by-step instructions for anyone who wants to grow a native forest anywhere in the world.

Shubha Ramachandran

Founder | Biome Solutions

Shubha Ramachandran is a Water Sustainability Consultant with Biome Environmental Trust.She has designed and implemented several rainwater harvesting and waste water treatment systems primarily in and around the City of Bangalore. She is driven by genuine concern for the problems of water in all its dimensions – ecological, social, institutional and economic. 

Shubha Ramachandran joined Biome Environmental Solutions, Bangalore, which is a design firm focused on ecology, architecture and water in 2008, when Biome was created by merger of Chitra Vishwanath Architects and Rainwater Club. Biome offers services guided by ecological principles, integrating sound water, energy and land-use thinking into design, and providing knowledge services in water management and rainwater harvesting, ecological wastewater treatment and sanitation practices. She is also a civil engineer from IIT Mumbai, and has worked for 11-years with Infosys as Senior Technical Architect, Project Manager and System Analyst, before joining/ starting Biome Environmental Solutions

Arun Krishnamurthy

Founder | Environmentalists Foundation India

Arun Krishnamurthy is an Indian environmental activist who has initiated the campaign of cleaning various lakes across India. He is known for founding the NGO, Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) in 2011 based in Chennai which has its branches in other cities such as Hyderabad, Delhi and Coimbatore.


Arun with the organisation has been successful in cleaning at least 39 lakes in the country and having worked in Google before quitting the job to dedicate voluntarily. He was chosen as among the five people for prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise award in 2012 for scientific lake restoration in Chennai. He was awarded with the Jane Goodall Institute Global Youth Leadership Award in  2010.He was chosen as one of the brand ambassadors for the Oxemberg brand in 2018 part of their #MakeYourMove campaign. He also won the British Council International Climate Champion Excellence Award in 2010

Saransh Vaswani

Founder | Saath Livelihood Services

Saaransh is a founding member and the director of ‘Saajha’- a non-profit organization, which works directly with parents and communities associated with 82 municipal schools in Delhi. Saajha builds leadership capacity of School Management Committee (SMC's), a body consisting of parents and teachers, to ensure accountability for children's learning in primary public schools of India. Saajha supports SMCs to create forums for parent teacher interaction. By integrating the use of technology, training and providing on-ground support to SMCs to enable them to solve issues together in collaboration with elected leaders, Saajha ensures SMCs become a transformational force in these schools.


Saaransh is responsible for strategic planning and operations at Saajha. He has a background in computer science and theatre. Prior to Saajha, he worked with Kaivalya Education Foundation as a Gandhi fellow, coaching public school principals in Mumbai for two years. He was later selected as a Young India Fellow where he developed the idea of Saajha

Thomas Pullenkav

Technical Advisor | SELCO Foundation

Thomas Pullenkav is the Technical Advisor to the SELCO Foundation, where he advises the foundation on innovative approaches to clean energy access. In addition to his work at the SELCO Foundation, Pullenkav consults with community service organizations, NGOs, bilaterals and multilaterals, providing advisory, analytical and design support for their activities in the clean energy access and low carbon development sectors. Prior to this, he was the Vice President of SELCO India, one of the world’s most renowned sustainable energy social enterprises. Pullenkav has worked extensively in the Indian sustainable energy industry and possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges that inclusive businesses in India face. He has been part of the group that pioneered access to energy for the energy-poor through a combination of customized technology, innovative financing and an understanding of the market needs of different user groups. Thomas is an alumnus of the Institute of Rural Management, Anand.

Pratima Joshi

Co - Founder | Shelter Associates

Pratima Joshi is the Executive Director of Shelter Associates. She recognized the issues around provision of safe access to basic services such as water, sanitation, social housing, waste management etc. Her knowledge as an architect and her passion for ensuring equitable distribution of rights and resources to all led her to establish Shelter Associates in 1993. Since then, Shelter Associates has been providing safer and cleaner environment by enabling access to housing & sanitation. To date, SA has covered over 2,25,000 households through its poverty-mapping efforts across urban slums in cities of Maharashtra.

A recipient of Aga Khan scholarship, and an expert in ‘Building Design for Developing Countries’, through her Masters-in-Architecture from London based Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, Pratima has impacted over 3,60,000 people by providing safe sanitation through their One Home One Toilet (OHOT) model. She is the only Indian to receive ‘Google Earth Hero Award’ and she has also been identified by BBC as a leading ‘Slum architect of India’.

Barsha Poricha

Team Lead | CURE

Barsha Poricha is an experienced Programme Director of National Foundation of India. She has a history of working in the non-profit organization management industry along with 14 years of experience in working on issues of governance, urban poverty and youth in the development sector.


Barsha hold a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from CEPT University, Ahmedabad along with a Master’s in Sociology from Delhi College of Economics. She is also a PhD holder in Urban Studies/Affairs from Dr. B R Ambedkar University.


Her core areas of interest and work are furthering pro poor and citizen centric governance mechanisms and poverty issues in urban and peri urban settlements. In the course of her work, she has worked closely with NGOs, civil society organizations, government and individuals who are involved in similar works.