XLRI Jamshedpur
9th - 10th February, 2019

The Conclave

Two Days of Powerful Talks
9th - 10th February 2019
09:00 am

Since mid-20th century, the size and scale of the human enterprise have grown exponentially. However, this growth has also subjected nature, and the services it provides to humanity, to an increasing risk. Over the last few decades, we have witnessed increasing depletion of forest and natural resources, decline in animal populations and species, increasing pollution of air and water resources, extreme weather conditions, etc. The 21st century presents humanity with a dual challenge to maintain nature in all of its many forms and functions and to create an equitable home for people on a finite planet.

While the interdependence between the social, economic and environmental agendas is gradually being recognized at the highest levels (as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals), over the years, numerous entrepreneurial individuals have been experimented and developed models of sustainable living. The learning from such existing benchmarks and models is extremely relevant to inform development strategies, economic models, business models and lifestyle choices.

Correspondingly, the theme of the 2nd Social Entrepreneurship Conclave was,

Entrepreneurship For Urban Sustainability

The sub-themes were as follows:

1. Urban Governance

2. Strengthening the informal workforce

3. Access to basic social services

4. Waste and pollution management

5. Protecting the core environment 


Many inspirational speakers from across the globe participated in SEC 2

Keynote Speaker

Urban Governance

Strengthening the informal workforce

Access to basic social services

Waste and pollution management

Protecting the core environment

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